Founded in 2000 by Dr. Salahudin, John Lam and Jackie Cheah, the Penang Scrabble Club (PSC) functions as a society that promotes and popularizes Scrabble throughout the Pearl of the Orient, as well as organizing major tournaments such as the YMCA and Penang open and workshops for schoolchildren and the public.

PSC is proud to organize its very own international tournament, the annual ICT Penang Open Scrabble Tournament, sponsored by Island College of Technology (ICT), the Penang Tourism Board and the Penang State Government.

Members of the PSC will enjoy benefits, such as being affiliated to the MSA, getting cheaper fees for tournaments organized by MSA and PSC, as well as discounts for PSC merchandise.

Members of the PSC include Dr. Salahudin, John Lam and Jackie Cheah, the founders of PSC, Dr Adele Tan, who is currently the club's charismatic and industrious president, Aaron Chong and Ong Suanne, two young Scrabblers who are top players in the country, Dr Ng Chee Eng, Miss Chuah Sim Swee and others. 

There is also a Scrabble Corner at the Penang State Library, Scotland Rd, on Sundays, which invariably begins at 2.00 p.m. The club's current registered address is 32, Solok Kampung Jawa Satu, 11900 Pulau Pinang.

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Many people play Scrabble in their homes with their family members, but very few are equipped to play it competitively. Dr Mohamad Salahudin was the first known person in Penang to actively pursue the formation of a club in order that Scrabble can be promoted as a healthy and enriching hobby for people from all walks of life.

It was in 1991 that Dr Salahuddin saw a write-up in a newspaper regarding a Scrabble Tournament to be held in KL. Taking time off from his busy practice, he trotted off to KL to take part in the tournament. He was instantly hooked and decided to start a Scrabble club in Penang as well. Unfortunately for him, there were very few active and dedicated Scrabble players in Penang at that time, and no one was interested in starting a club.

Undeterred, he set off for KL two years later for another tournament and at the same time discussed with the organizers about setting up club in Penang. It was then that he first learned about Scrabble Dictionaries, mainly the American Official Scrabble Players’ Dictionary (OSPD) and the British Official Scrabble Words (OSW). He doggedly held on to his dream of forming a Scrabble club and wrote in to Waddingtons (Singapore), the National Scrabble Association of U.S.A and various Scrabble Clubs in U.K to get more information. He was referred to the local promotions Co. DLG Communications in Kuala Lumpur, which in turn asked him to approach the Malaysian Scrabble Federation and the Scrabble Club of YMCA Kuala Lumpur for possible affiliation.

Click to view article "The Doctor of Scrabble"!Then came “The Doctor of Scrabble”, an article written by Mr. Mohd Idrus Ismail in the STAR Scrabble Column about Dr. Salahudin. Scrabble fanatics in Penang were told to contact him if they wanted to form a Scrabble club in Penang. This article attracted the attention of YMCA and MENSA. Both societies contacted the indefatigable doctor. They joined forces and found venues for their members to start playing Scrabble together. The Scrabble movement slowly built momentum and their cooperation finally gave birth to The Penang Scrabble Club which was finally registered in the year 2000. Dr Mohamad Salahudin was elected as President of the club while John Lam became the Vice President and Jackie Cheah the Secretary.

The club had come a long way since then. Through the lean and trying times dedicated members held fast to their dream to make Scrabble a popular game in the northern regions. With the injection of new blood such as Dr Adele Tan and Mr. Ng Chee Eng, the new millennium had seen the Penang Scrabble Club grow by leaps and bounds.

Through the tireless Dr. Adele Tan, PSC currently has CityBayview, the Penang State Tourism Board, Island College of Technology and the Penang State Library as affiliates in its quest to achieve its:

                 Vision: To Produce World Class Scrabble Players

                 Mission: To Promote, Popularise, Nurture and Guide Scrabble Players from All Ages and Walks of Life.

PSC now organizes world class Scrabble tournaments on the island and is working closely with Malaysian Scrabble Club (MSA) to make scrabble the most popular and respected board game in Malaysia and the world.


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If you would like to become a member of the PSC, please contact:

Dr Adele Tan adele.ong@gmail.com
Dr Salahudin alasrd@gmail.com
Jackie Cheah joellim@streamyx.com

Members should be 


Entrance fee (charged on newly registered members) - RM50 for Ordinary Membership/ RM20 for Junior Membership

Ordinary members annual fee - RM20

Junior members (below 18) annual fee - RM10


Download Membership Form here.

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PSC also sells its merchandise to members as well as to Scrabblers outside PSC and the public. The following merchandises are currently in stock (prices may vary at certain occasions).

Limited Edition Penang Scrabble Club Scrabble Bag 


Penang Scrabble Club Scrabble Bag


A further improvement of the WSC2003 Kuala Lumpur Scrabble board bag. It is made from light, black PVC with soft interior padding that can withstand the ruthless Penang heat and humidity. The PSC logo and the slogan Travel with Scrabble are embossed to make it a worthy memento for globetrotting Scrabble players.


Price for members: RM 70.00

Price for non-members: RM 80.00



Limited Edition Penang Scrabble Club Tile Bag 


Penang Scrabble Club Tile Bag


Light but durable, this limited edition tile bag is made of green canvas with the PSC logo embroidered at the center. Your tiles will feel right at home in their new comfortable abode.


Price : RM 12.00


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