Dataran Pahlawan Melaka Megamall Scrabble Tournament 2007

Report by Gan Yi En

Fed up of always having to travel to KL, JB and even Penang to get some Scrabble action, Martin Teo and Gan Yi En decided to organise a tourney in good old Malacca itself and thus was the DPMM Scrabble Tournament born. Dataran Pahlawan Melaka Megamall, being one of the latest additions to Malacca's shopping line-up, obliged to sponsor the venue and the rest, as we all say (albeit terribly clichテゥd), is history.

Held at the Upper Pergola, the tourney saw a turn-out of 10 participants in the Masters category and 14 in the Intermediate section on the first day. Potential Malaysian representatives to the WSC this year, Vannitha Balasingam, Jocelyn Lor and Kong Chock Heng to mention a few, showed up to give each other a run for their money. At the end of Day 1 and 9 rounds of Round-Robin, Jocelyn was sitting proud on the top with 7 wins and +667 spread, ahead of Kong and Vannitha, who both also had 7 wins but with spreads of +625 and +585 respectively.

In the Intermediate section, Form 3 student, Alvin Lau of St Francis Institution (which has been known to produce quality Scrabble players) ended the first day on top with 6 wins out of 7, dropping the last game to Khairi Zulkalnain, but having already scalped the likes of Wendy Lee and Cedric Stewart Lewis on the way. Cedric was 2nd on 6 wins, +467 spread and Wendy 3rd on 4.5 wins, +338 spread.

The 2nd day of the tourney saw an astounding turn-out of 80 participants for the Beginners category, bringing the total to an amazing 106 players! The 80 participants, which included adults and school-goers alike, battled it out for 5 games throughout Sunday and it was Form 6 student, Preethi Nair from Malacca High School who triumphed in the end, with a perfect 5 wins and +471 spread. Bringing up the rear was Chan Tsu Chong, former student of St Francis Institution and currently pursuing his Accounting degree at KTAR with 5 wins and +301 spread. In 3rd place was Marlene Ing, from GBS, with 4 wins and an enormous spread of +611.

As for the Intermediate division, Alvin Lau crumbled under the immense pressure and failed to keep up his momentum on the 2nd day. In the end, it was Form 5 student of ACS, Cedric who persevered and topped the standings with 10 wins and +786 spread. Wendy finished 2nd with 8.5 wins and +830 spread whereas Alvin came in 3rd with 8 wins and a relatively lower spread of +203. Nonetheless, kudos should be given to the first-time participant.

In the Masters division, it was a pretty unbalanced affair. Overnight leader, Jocelyn and 2nd placed Kong ended up playing each other for 5 straight rounds on Sunday during the King Of The Hill games. Nonetheless, Jocelyn managed to stave off Kong to claim 1st place with 10 wins and +677 spread. Kong finished 2nd with 9 wins and +615 spread. Vannitha was 3rd on 9 wins as well but with a lower spread of +508.

On the whole, it was a commendable effort by the 2 Malaccan youngsters and they have hinted that more are on the way. So guys, watch out!