1st CGL Scrabble Tournament

By Aw Yi Lyn

Photographs by Mohd Salahudin. Collaged by Aaron Chong.


On the 2nd of February 2007, the 1st ever CGL Scrabble Tournament was held in the school hall. This very meaningful tournament was made possible by the help of Pn Gan and the English Language Society. At 1.00 pm, 18 players gathered to compete in this tournament. The first round saw school players like Stephanie Tan and Song Pei Fen facing off. However, Pei Fen failed to block Stephanie's bingo, FORTUNES. Thus, giving Stephanie her first win. It was also a face off for other school players like Aw Yi Lyn and Audelia Choo. Although Audelia lost in the game she still managed to win the Board Prize, which is the highest Z word.

In game 2, new players began to adapt to the style of playing Scrabble in a tournament. With 5 players obtaining victory from both rounds, the competition for the 1st prize had just got more challenging. With a spread of 183, Yi Lyn managed to claim victory over Cheong Chee Lee, move up to 1st place and also win the board prize.

As the competition heats up, only three players managed to continue their winning streak. Yi Lyn, Lee Julin, and Stephanie managed to maintain their consistency in the game and thrash all their opponents. This round saw a newbie, Cheng Kar Pei scoring the highest J word, JETTY. Thus, obtaining a win from her opponent.

In the last round, the three top players still manage to continue their winning streak. Bringing the wins to 4 points, making the spread to decide the placing for them. With the spread of 406, Yi Lyn managed to beat Stephanie and Julin whose spread was 377 and 351 respectively. School player, Song Pei Fen finished 4th while Joyce finished 5th to complete the top 5.

This concludes the scrabble tournament for the day. The participation of all the players and the presence of Dr. Adele Tan, the president of PSC, Dr Salahudin, the vice president of PSC and Dr. Ng was much appreciated. With a tournament organized with success, we hope CGL will be able to achieve greater heights in Scrabble.

Results (after 5 games):

1   Aw Yi Lyn           4  406

2   Stephanie Tan       4  377

3   Lee Julin           4  351

4   Song Pei Fen        3  358

5   Joyce Teh           3  -23

6   Ng Xing Yii         2  177

7   Mak Xin Fang        2   71

8   Audelia Choo        2   43

9   Isabella            2   11

10  Cheng Kar Pei       2  -48

11  Rawzana             2  -49

12  Jessica Quah        2  -66

13  Shobanaa            2 -143

14  Nadia Ramli         1 -136

15  Cheong Chee Lee     1 -233

16  Shailaja            1 -241

17  Nurul Izzati        0 -231

18  Beatrice Leong      0 -334